Kansas City Royals: Diving into each of draft picks

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With the 41st pick, RHP Ben Hernandez

In the second round, they took their one and only high schooler, pitcher Ben Hernandez. He has a dominant changeup, which is considered the best changeup of the draft and comparable to Hall of Fame closer, Trevor Hoffman (wow).

He pairs his low-80s changeup with an above-average fastball that hits the mid-90s. He’s consistent with his fastball, which paired with his changeup could be a devastating duo for hitters.

He also has a curveball that’s in the mid-70s as a third pitch. It’s not as sharp as his fastball and changeup, but for an 18-year-old who is able to repeat his pitching motion consistently, he has a lot of upsides.

Where he fits with the Royals

He may be further away from the big leagues than the tsunami coming through the system right now, but that could be a benefit for the Royals. Having a pitcher like Hernandez, paired with Yefri Del Rosario and Yohanse Morel, who is a bit further away, could help the Royals continue a wave of pitching success instead of it being a one wave event.