KC Royals may have ulterior motives with draft picks

KC Royals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals have made a splash with their first few picks, though some may think the team is just padding positions where they already have depth.

The KC Royals have made their first couple selections of the draft and the first few picks were interesting, to say the least. Surprisingly enough, the numbers 2 and 3 ranked draft prospects made it through to the 4th round for the Royals to pick from.

The Royals picked up Asa Lacy, a left-handed pitcher with outstanding potential, with pick 4, and then down at pick 32, they took the versatile shortstop Nick Loftin. Neither pick is much of a surprise, at least for the Royals.

Lacy provides another strong college arm to add to the mix with their already insane list of pitching prospects. Loftin is exactly what the Royals like, a potential utilityman with some hidden power, and what will hopefully be a consistent major league bat.

Both players initially provide some insurance and padding for the Royals. Lacy obviously seems a bit redundant at this point, but pitchers always have risks and you can never have enough. Loftin is also an interesting pick due to his positioning at shortstop.

Loftin’s versatility will help his case and there is a chance he will see a move in the future as long as the other middle infield prospects continue to progress, but there is also a chance the Royals have other motives with some of their picks in this year’s draft.

Having insurance in positions is important, especially for a team like the Royals. Players get hurt, they don’t work out, or the team loses them in free agency. Small market teams like the Royals thrive when they have a healthy farm system.

The farm system was fairly dry after the 2014-15 World Series runs as many players were sent off in trades, though. With the amount of padding that has been done, now both in the pitching and middle infield departments, one has to wonder if the Royals are preparing for multiple options.

The Royal’s goal is to contend once again. It’s safe to say this is the goal of every MLB team. They will have to fill some holes before that’s possible though. Players are set to move around, try new spots, and see how everything works if the 2020 season ever gets going, but there are still likely to be one or two spots that need some help.

So, why isn’t Kansas City picking up players in the draft to fill these spots? There is a chance the Royal’s ulterior motive is to pack the field with one of the best group of pitching talent in baseball (along with a group of promising position players) and then flip it as currency.

Money talks in baseball and pitchers are typically higher priced. They also have a talented group of middle infielders that range from major league levels to just drafted. If the Royals are in a position to contend soon, sacrifices will have to be made, and players will have to be traded. With a large group of talent, Kansas City could have enough left over to continue their success for more than just a few seasons.

In no way was Asa Lacy likely taken as pick 4 with the idea that he will be traded in a few years. But it’s easy to think that the continued picks of already deep positions are so when the time comes to trade players off, the Royals will still have prospects available and something to work with in the future.

The continuation of the draft should be interesting, and at this point, there is no telling what the Royals will go for next.

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Keep checking in with Kings of Kauffman for any draft updates. Here is to hoping for more excitement and great picks from Kansas City.