KC Royals favorites are set for MLB Dream Bracket 2

Kansas city Royals (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Kansas city Royals (Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

KC Royals fans may have followed along with the first simulated dream bracket full of the best players in history, but now, fans can follow the teams.

KC Royals fans may not be able to watch live games just yet, but simulated games and seasons are becoming more and more popular, providing some sort of baseball while baseball is on hold. Recently, the MLB Dream Bracket simulated games took place.

The bracket consisted of teams that were loaded with the greatest from each team’s history. The Royals saw greats like Salvador Perez, Mike Sweeney, George Brett, Alex Gordon, and Willie Wilson all playing together, among many others.

The Royals team, unfortunately, didn’t come out on top, but now there is another chance for a Royals team to take a top spot. Soon, the MLB Dream Bracket 2 will begin. The simulated games, tournament style, will start on May 21st and will stretch all the way to June 9th.

This tournament is a bit different than the first though. Instead of packing a team full of great players from history, the games will be simulated with great teams from certain seasons. For Kansas City, the Royals from 1985 and 2015 are included in the bracket, along with the 1942 Kansas City Monarchs.

The first Kansas City team to see a matchup will be the 1985 Royals on May 21st, taking on the 1972 Oakland A’s. The next day, The Monarchs will see the 2005 White Sox, and the 2015 Royals will see the 2001 Mariners.

These simulated games should be interesting, stacking players from different times against each other. While none the Kansas City teams would see each other until later in the tournament should they all make it, the 2015 Royals could see the Monarchs in the game to decide the regional winner.

This is a matchup that would be incredible to see live, with players like Satchel Paige, Hilton Smith, Buck O’Neil, and Willard Brown, testing their abilities against Alex Gordon, Salvador Perez, Wade Davis, Mike Moustakas and many more. Simulation, though, will have to do.

While simulated games might not be everyone’s favorite, this bracket should be an interesting one. Not only for Kansas City fans, but fans of baseball and baseball history as they will get to see how the great teams throughout the years stack up against each other.

If you want to try and predict the winners, or just download the bracket and fill it out for yourself, here is the bracket that also has the first matchups at the bottom of the page.

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It should be an interesting tournament filled with tons of great players and teams. Hopefully, one of the Royals teams will be able to go all the way in the MLB Dream Bracket.