KC Royals: Keep up with the past games scheduled for this week

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

KC Royals media is doing a good job to keep fans entertained, and there are plenty of past games to watch week after week.

It seems that fans may be getting close to having a plan for the KC Royals to be back in action at Kauffman, but one has to wonder what restrictions will come with that. There has been talk of games without fans, and some serious rule changes in some reports, so baseball may look a bit different during the 2020 season.

Getting back to regular baseball, though, will be great either way. While there may be some rule changes fans have to deal with, or not being able to go to games, having live baseball games will be a great way to lift spirits after these long months of little to no sports.

During this time without Royals baseball, there has been a good amount of entertainment provided by the MLB through their network and social media pages, but for Royals fans, finding a game including their favorite team could be a bit of a challenge.

Thankfully, the KC Royals media has been coming through. Every week they are providing games for fans to watch or listen to, either on Fox Sports KC, a social media page, or the Royals Radio Network. It’s not live baseball, but at least it’s something that many can enjoy.

This week, the lineup is full of great games, and focusing heavily on the post-season.

Fans will be able to catch some games from the 2014 and 2015 ALCS, along with a grand slam from Justin Maxwell and Yordano Ventura’s first home win.

Maybe more exciting to watch, though, is the game on at 12:00 Friday, May 12. The 1980 ALCS Game 3 will be available on Royals YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for fans to watch.

This should be an interesting game for many, seeing Royals greats like George Brett, Willie Wilson, Amos Otis, Frank White, and many more battle it out against the Yankees. To see these greats play on tv (even in a past game) should be quality entertainment, and a blast from Brett will make it that much better.

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While these past games are unfortunately not the same as live baseball, it’s great to have some sort of baseball entertainment to pass the time. It looks as though some decisions could be made soon as to what will happen with the 2020 season, so hopefully, fans can see live baseball again before too long.