KC Royals: Alex Gordon voted best beard in team history

KC Royals, Alex Gordon (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Alex Gordon (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

There are a lot of beards in major league baseball and the KC Royals have seen their fair share of facial hair over the history of the team.

The baseball world is getting a bit dry at the moment. There are plenty of updates being put out by teams like the KC Royals on social media and there seem to be a lot of entertaining videos at times as well of players in the home environments, training, or just being good people. But, it’s just not live baseball.

Royals fans may have found themselves watching the MLB The Show tournament with Brett Phillips playing for the Royals. But recently, fans may have taken notice of a different kind of tournament that lasted for a few days on Royals social media.

The Royals, in an effort to keep the entertainment flowing to their fans, put forth a bracket to determine who has the best beard in Royal’s history, and it was filled with many great names from both the past and present.

The matchups to start the voting saw Willie Aikens against Alex Gordon, Luke Hochevar against Danny Duffy, Eric Hosmer against Willie Wilson, and Ian Kennedy against Greg Holland. There were plenty of facial hair style points to go around, but fans quickly voted and the numbers were taken down to four finalists.

Gordon and Duffy both found their way to the final four on their side of the bracket, while Hosmer beat out Wilson, and Holland managed to take down Ian Kennedy, a victory that I see as a bit of an upset.

It wasn’t long after that fans were down to two choices, Gordon and Hosmer. While there can always be some debate, Alex Gordon’s lumberjack look took him to the winner circle, allowing him to claim the title of best beard in Royal’s history.

Alex won the vote easily, 75.1% to 24.9%, but this likely isn’t too much of a surprise for Royals fans who have seen all sorts of beard from Alex, from short and trimmed to wondering if the beard is the source of his defensive power.

While it may not be baseball, at least the tournament of beards provided some sort of “competition” that fans could be a part of and watch unfold over a couple of days. Hopefully, fans will soon be able to see Gordon’s beard back in action in Kansas City, signaling baseball has started again.

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