KC Royals have unexpected player on longest home runs of 2019 list

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

An unexpected member of the KC Royals emerged from MLB Stats’ tweet revisiting the longest home runs of the 2019 season.

As we look to pass the time until baseball starts again, looking back at great moments from the past season or even further is a nice reprieve.  We can also dream about what will happen in an abbreviated season or fast forward to 2021 and beyond when we might see heralded KC Royals’ prospects.

Obviously when a video was released about the longest bombs hit in 2019, one would expect that Jorge Soler would make his way into the list.  His home run length was 413 feet last season and that was about 10 more than the average major league shot for the year.

While watching the video, an unexpected Kansas City player made an appearance.  Not once, but twice.  Sadly he was not hitting them but turning his neck to see them fly far over the fence.

At about the :32 second mark on a blustery day in Arlington, Nomar Mazara takes a pitch on a 482-foot journey.  The delivery man for that blast was none other than Mike Montgomery.

And for an encore performance at the 1:14 mark, Ian Desmond smokes a pitch 486 feet off of Montgomery.  Check out the left fielder not moving a muscle as the ball orbits over his head. This one was hit at Coors Field, so take that what it is worth on distance.

The good news?  These both happened while a member of the Chicago Cubs before he was reacquired by the Royals.  The bad news?  He still gave up bombs at the highest rate of his career overall in 2019.  Hopefully, he can settle down and be stingy with the home runs like he was from 2016-2018.

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It is enjoyable to find these quirky happenings while researching feats from the past seasons.  However, we look forward to discussing current baseball statistics sooner than later.