KC Royals: Low attendance could be a problem after games resume

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Though the KC Royals will not start games for a while, once play does resume for all of baseball, attendance could remain low out of concern.

The days seem to grow longer and longer, now that there are no KC Royals spring training games to watch. It seems the team news has slowed down as well, seeing as how the regular season is delayed for what seems to be a changing length of time every day.

But, one day, games will resume. Hopefully, that day will come sooner rather than later, but there really is no way to judge at this point in time. A thought came to mind, though, when thinking about games resuming and what might happen when they do.

Once the MLB gets the all-clear, it’s likely they will try to get the season back on track as soon as possible, but what about bringing fans into the stadiums? While the situation as a whole is fluid and determinations about games, crowds, etc., will have to be determined as situations arise, there could be a chance that games are played in quiet stadiums for a while.

Of course, this is all speculation and if’s and buts, but there is a really serious chance that games could resume, and crowd limitations could still be in place. So, what could this mean for Royals fans?

If fans have a TV provider or streaming service that actually carries the games, that may be the only way to watch at first when games resume. For those out of luck, one can only hope that the MLB will understand the situation and allow fans to stream though MLB TV without blackouts, but don’t hold your breath.

There is always the chance, as well, that by the time games are able to resume, restrictions will have been lifted and fans will be able to crowd into the stadiums to watch their favorite teams again.

There remains an unknown, though, about the long-lasting effects this pandemic will have on the overall attendance of games, even when fans are allowed back in to watch.

As far as Royals fans go, I know of many who will not care and will be back in their seats, cheering on the team win or lose. But the same likely can’t be said for all. While due to a decline in the overall play and record of the team, the Royals have seen a massive decline in their attendance since the days of the World Series and it wouldn’t be out of the question for this to continue out of concern.

There are sure to be many fans and families who would rather catch the game on TV instead of taking their chances in a stadium full of people.

Again, while this is all speculation, a drop in attendance and fear of attending games could become a reality once the season resumes, and it’s something that won’t just affect our beloved Royals, but baseball as a whole.

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Will you be ready to go back to Kauffman as soon as allowed once games resume? Or, will you take your time and feel out the situation?