3 worst contracts currently on the KC Royals roster

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Please put the knives away, no way is it being suggested the money being spent on his contract is bad for the team.

While the KC Royals did give Jorge Soler a nice pay raise in the offseason to $7 million dollars, it only is for the 2020 season.  He is an Arb 1 player for this year and will be a full-blown free agent in 2022.

He has been known to have injury issues and this was the first year Soler showed the promise that fans hoped for.  He endeared himself to the Royal faithful by smashing the single-season home run record and played in all 162 games.

If the team does not lock him up for a few years now, chances are they will be outbid when he becomes a free agent in 2022.  It is a gamble as to whether he can bash consistently and staying off the injured list for extended periods of time.  It is a risk worth taking though.

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If he hits another 35 bombs or more his arbitration salary will jump up again in 2021 and drive up his value for his free agency year.  Getting him locked in for a few more seasons is necessary.