KC Royals: Don’t put too much stock into spring numbers yet

Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images
Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images /

Regardless of how spring training unfolds for the KC Royals, don’t put too much stock into the team’s record near the end of March.

KC Royals baseball is now in full swing — or half swing, depending on how you look at it. Entering Saturday’s play, the boys in blue have a 3-5 record. There’s still plenty of time left for things to turn around, though, which bodes well for a team looking to improve in 2020.

I have a personal motto I believe in pretty firmly. Never too high, never too low. In life, both good and bad things are bound to happen. Things won’t always go your way, but it’s how you react that will truly determine how far back you’re set. The same goes for the good. Getting complacent or cocky could stunt potential for even more growth.

In regards to spring training, don’t get too high and don’t get too low. 3-5 right now could easily turn into 10-5 with a nice win streak. That 10-5 record could become 10-10 just as easily. At the end of the spring, the Royals should be viewed the same way. This is a rebuilding team looking to develop young players and figure out who belongs on the roster beyond 2020.

A couple of player examples: Hunter Dozier and Cam Gallagher. Dozier, who broke out in a huge way last season, has yet to record a hit in nine at-bats. Is he going to finish the spring in the same boat? Of course not. Gallagher, who’s fighting for the backup catcher spot, is hitting .455 through four games. Will he end spring training hitting .455? Probably not.

We know what kind of players Dozier and Gallagher are. Dozier is a good player with the potential to take his game to the next level as he moves to right field. Gallagher is a solid backup catcher and a good clubhouse influence. Things will likely find a balance over the next few weeks as players settle in.

Again: Never too high, never too low. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Spring training is a time for youngsters to get their first taste of MLB action and for veterans to find their grooves before the real season starts. We’re only eight games in. Let’s check back in near the end of March and see how everyone is doing.

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Checking the online stat sheet every day until that point will be a tedious task. For a more enjoyable baseball experience, put it to the side and enjoy spring training — one of baseball’s greatest gifts.