KC Royals: Top 5 Royals moments from June 2019

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The KC Royals were 2-1 in March 2019. The club didn’t see a winning month the rest of the season, posting losing records in each until the season ended in late September. But June had some exciting moments. Here are five of them.

The 2019 major league regular season stretched from late March to late September, a period a bit longer than half a calendar year. Winning presents the illusion of a faster season; losing, on the other hand, can fool the senses, making the actual passage of 162 games seem excruciatingly slow. For the KC Royals, a 59-103 record made for a long 2019 campaign.

Only in March did the Royals post a winning record, a 2-1 mark accomplished in a season-opening three game set with Chicago and then quickly forgotten in the mire of a second consecutive lost season.

By the time June 1 rolled around, the Royals had managed to lose exactly twice as many games as they’d won — their 19-38 record left them in the American League cellar, 19½ games out of first place and effectively eliminated from contention with over 100 games left to play. Only the Orioles, with one more loss and one less win, had a worse record at that point.

The club lost almost two-thirds of its games in June–a 10-17 record left it a mere fraction of a fraction short of precisely two-thirds — but the month provided some good moments among the bad. An early-month win broke one of the longest losing streaks of the season; the club drafted and signed a potential superstar; a talented rookie had a milestone hit; a rising star fueled an exciting late-inning rally; and an established star had one of the biggest of his big games.

Here, in a continuation of our review of good Royals moments from 2019, are the KC Royals’ Top 5 June moments.