Royals: Positional battle, a new face at third base? Doubtful.

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Kansas City Royals, Hunter Dozier
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Third base is unlikely to change hands for the Kansas City Royals as the current occupant has proven his worth defensively, and at the plate.

Hunter Dozier

As already stated, Dozier is pretty well locked into the third base position, but there is always the chance for a move. Either way, Dozier did what he could to make an impression for the Royals in 2019. Other than a small-time on the injured list, Dozier played most of the season as the starting third baseman, seeing some innings in the outfield as well.

Offensively, Dozier had a break out year. Across the season, Dozier slashed .279/.348/.522 and it likely could have been a little higher had he not slumped for a bit after his injury. Along with his good hitting, Dozier knocked in 84 RBIs, scored 75 runs, 10 triples and 26 home runs. If Dozier can continue this production and stay healthy all year, he could be good for 30 plus homers.

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Dozier did struggle a little more defensively. At third, Dozier saw a .965 fielding percentage, committing 9 errors over the course of 100 games. The number is not necessarily up to typical Royals standards of top-notch defense, but Dozier has made some good plays and worked incredibly hard to keep his spot at third.

In the outfield, Dozier managed a 1.00 fielding percentage, but this was over far fewer games. Dozier may make a better outfielder, but as the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Dozier needs to keep working on his defense, but he is definitely a player the Royals want in the lineup every day.