Royals: Positional battle, a new face at third base? Doubtful.

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Kansas City Royals
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After a breakout year from the Kansas City Royals current third baseman, it is unlikely anyone else will take his position.

As these positional battle pieces continue for the Kansas City Royals, it’s likely there are some spots that really won’t have much of a battle at all. There will typically though, always be some possible contenders, even if they will simply sit the bench until they are needed.

One such position on for the Royals is third base. The Royals look to have third base locked down, with Hunter Dozier standing strong. With a lot of unknowns coming up for the Royals, though, it never hurts to take a look and see who might be standing in line if the team decides to shake things up.

The Royals have been doing a lot of experiments with moving players between the infield and outfield, and if they continue, they could lose their third baseman to the outfield canyon of Kauffman Stadium. If this is the case, the Royals may be limited on who they could bring in as a replacement.

While there are not a lot of options that stand out, there are some players the Royals could turn to if needed during the 2020 season. A few of these players were seen during the 2019 season but unfortunately did not leave a huge mark. It also never hurts to take a look at what is available in free agency. If there is a deal worth it, Dozier might find his way to the outfield a little quicker.