Royals: 3 pitchers whose stock fell during the 2019 season

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With pitching being a major concern for the Kansas City Royals in 2019, some pitchers may have to fight even harder to earn back their spot in 2020.

It’s likely that most Kansas City Royals fans have heard of the struggle surrounding the Royals and their pitching in 2019. If it hasn’t been heard, it’s been read in articles, on the twitter feed, or just about anywhere else Royal’s news surfaces.

While it may get old for some, the pitching problem talk can be expected to stick around until something is done about it. This could come in many forms. The easiest is that somehow, every pitcher on the Royals roster gets it together and helps the team win 100 games in 2020. Not likely.

The team could also bank on their drafted college talent that is making its way through the minors, but there is no reason to rush the young arms. The third, and quickest way to take care of the pitching is through free agency.

It’s likely the Royals will not make a huge splash in free agency this year, but with a new manager and owner, anything is possible. It’s more believable that the Royals will do the typical thing and find some reclamation projects and hope for the best. This could definitely work in their favor, or it could just set them up for another 100 loss season.

Either way, there will be familiar faces playing the field next season, and it’s likely that a great deal of the 2019 pitching staff will find their way into the rotation or bullpen at some point.

There were definitely some pitchers during the 2019 season that showed some positives and deserve their spot on the roster for 2020. There were some pitchers, though, that saw their stock fall during the regular season. For this article, let’s take a look at three players who might have to fight a little more for their position in 2020.