Royals: Where the team led the way in the 2019 season

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Kansas City Royals,
Kansas City Royals, /

A superman in left field, the veteran Kansas City Royal must be made of steel to take the heat from the opposing pitchers.

Kansas City Royals fans know that when a ball is hit into left field, magic is about to happen. It’s easy to say that, though, when the team has one of the best active defensive left fielders. To back this up, Alex Gordon again won the Gold Glove for left field in 2019, making it his seventh time winning the award.

For this portion of the article, though, another feat by the veteran Royal will be the focus. Over the past couple of years, while his defense has been stellar, Gordon has seen a decline in his offensive production. Luckily for Gordon, 2019 proved to be a much better year at the plate.

Gordon saw an increase in almost every offensive stat and proved that at 35 he still has something to give the team. Gordon did well to increase his stats, but one stat in particular that put him on this list comes in the form of hits. Instead of hitting the ball with his bat, though, Gordon hit the ball with his body and he did it more than anyone else in the American League.

During the 2019 regular season, Gordon was hit by 19 pitches, putting him at the top of the list and allowing him to lead the way for the American League, giving Gordon the honor of receiving the most painful award in baseball.