Royals: Where the team led the way in the 2019 season

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Kansas City Royals
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The Kansas City Royals don’t need to worry about bad umpire calls when they have the best call-turnover rate in baseball.

When someone thinks of a way the Kansas City Royals can lead in baseball, it’s likey hits, home runs, doubles or similar stats that first come to mind. With the Royals, though, fans should always remember there are a lot of difference-makers in the organization, and they aren’t always on the field.

One important member of the Royals that fans might not first think of is Bill Duplissea. While he might not immediately come to mind, it is likely that fans have heard his name during a couple of games when watching on TV.

That’s because any time there is a call by an umpire that might not be correct, Bill Duplissea is the deciding factor on whether the Royals will challenge the call. The Royals are lucky to have a man like Duplissea on their side, because not only is he great at spotting mistakes made by the umpires, but he is one of the best in the major leagues.

In 2019, Dupissea led the majors in overturn percentage for the second straight year, and he has the best success rate for calls in the majors since 2016. While it may not change every game for the Royals, having someone like Duplissea in their corner is something the organization should really be thankful for.