Kansas City Royals: 3 candidates for bounce-back seasons in 2020

Brett Phillips, KC Royals (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Brett Phillips, KC Royals (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /
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Kansas City Royals
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As the Kansas City Royals begin their offseason, it’s important to decide which players have a good chance at a bounce-back season in 2020.

The Kansas City Royals have completed the 2019 regular season and will soon start to make preparations for 2020. New players will be signed through free agency, some players will get contracts or extensions, and some players may be released.

However the cards fall, fans can be sure that there will be some familiar faces when the Royals return to Kauffman Stadium for the 2020 season. Of course, everyone’s favorites will be there, but there may be some players ready to go that fans aren’t thinking of right away, specifically those that struggled in 2019.

For some of the players that struggled, a longer look must be taken by the Royals organizational staff. Baseball is full of unknowns, bad years, slumps, and resurgences. While something like a resurgence is often associated with older, veteran players, it can happen just as easily to a younger player.

For the Royals, understanding and evaluating which players may be in line for a better 2020 is going to be crucial, as the new ownership and the new manager will not want to start this “new era” of Royals baseball with another 100-loss season.

While there are some players on the Royals that may find their time with the organization come to an end, there are multiple candidates for bounce-back seasons in 2020 that might just help the Royals get back on track and be part of a future postseason.