Kansas City Royals: 3 players who won’t make the 2020 roster

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Kansas City Royals
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A rebuild is underway for the Kansas City Royals and the organization must begin to evaluate their current players to decide who stays and who gets cut.

In a few short months, players in the Kansas City Royals organization will begin to report and spring training will officially begin. Royals fans will be able to see and get updates on many of their favorite players like Whit Merrifield, Jorge Soler, and Salvador Perez.

For some players currently on the roster, though, spring training may not come, at least not with the Royals. In the midst of their rebuild, the Royals have to begin evaluating the players that they have within their organization to see who will be a part of the future organization, and who will not.

This offseason should be an interesting one for Royals fans, as there are a lot of unknowns. Not only will the Royals be getting a new owner in John Sherman, but they will soon have to find a new manager as well. After a decade of Ned Yost, the Royals will have a new lead in the dugout and with these two changes, there is no telling what other changes might be in store for the Royals.

It’s no secret that the Royals struggled greatly in 2019, and fans of the Royals know that they will start to see differences in all aspects of the organization, especially when shopping for free agents. In the free agency, one can only hope the Royals focus on necessary players, such as pitchers, that can bring some wins to the organization as the 100-loss seasons need to be stopped quickly.

Before some acquisitions can be made, though, it may be in the best interest of the Kansas City Royals to clear some roster and payroll space to see what they can afford and what type of players they really need to focus on. There are a few players in the organization now that may have some future potential for another team, but the Royals would do well to clear them from the roster to make space.