Kansas City Royals: Prospect Interview, Tyler Tolbert

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Kansas City Royals
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“Right now I would compare my game to a miniature version of Whit Merrifield”

Q: What major league player (past or present) would you best compare your skill set to?

A: There are a lot of players that I love comparing my game to. However, right now I would compare my game to a miniature version of Whit Merrifield. Whit and I are so versatile, that we can play any position on the field and be super confident while playing that particular position. Also, I love how Whit is constantly always getting on base and being a tough out.

Q: Only the 31st player in UAB history to be drafted is pretty special. Did you always believe you were going to play professional baseball?

A: Yes sir it is very special! However, at a young age, I always knew that I had the talent and the mindset to play professional baseball.

Q: You were sixth in the nation collegiality in stolen bases, did you always have a green light to run?

A: Yes sir, every time that I reach base I am looking to make something happen and create chaos for the defense. I have the green light to steal any base at any time; even home if the situation is right.

Q: Do you have certain areas of your game you will work on during the offseason as you prepare for your first spring training?

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A: This offseason I am focusing on continuing to gain strength in the weight room. Also, I’m continuing to develop my swing to get ready for the 2020 season.