Kansas City Royals: Making the case, Chicago White Sox free agents

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The 2019 White Sox were an average team. But they still may have a few free agents that the Kansas City Royals should take a look at.

The White Sox were an average team in 2019. Which means they were still noticeably better than the Kansas City Royals. They have 7 players who will be free agents in 2020. And a few of those free agents will make a positive contribution somewhere next year.

Hector Santiago, P

Santiago is a pitcher that the White Sox just cannot quit.  In 2019, he spent either his third or fourth stint with the team. Honestly, at this point, who is still keeping track? The lefty had some good seasons for both the Sox and the Angels earlier in his career. But as he enters his age 32 season, he is struggling just to stay on a major league roster. Santiago had a WHIP of 1.9 in 2019. He gave up over 2 homers per 9 innings. He walks 6 batters for every 9 innings.  These numbers are impressive. But not in a good way.


Wellington Castillo, C

Wellington Castillo was an above-average hitting catcher in his prime. As he enters his age 33 season, he is now just hoping to be average. He is coming off his worst season. He plays the same position as Salvador Perez. Our money should be spent elsewhere. The White Sox have an option on Castillo for 2020 and, honestly, they can keep it.


Ivan Nova, P

Nova has made a career of pitching to contact. He does not strike a lot of guys out, but he makes up for it by not walking anyone. And somehow, he mostly makes it work. He had 34 starts last year and pitched 187 innings. But he also gave up 225 hits.  That is a lot of hits.  Berry Gordy thinks that is a lot of hits. Kauffman Stadium would be a nice landing spot for Ivan Nova’s particular set of skills. His ceiling is probably league average, at this point. If he were the second or third pitcher we were adding to our rotation, I would take it. He would be an upgrade for us, but we would still need more.


Jose Abreu, 1B

Kansas City Royals fans are familiar with Jose Abreu. He can mash. He has had a lot of fun versus Royals pitching. And, even as he approaches his age 33 season, he is still hitting. He had an OPS+ of 119 this season. He hit 72 extra basehits, including 33 homers. He would be one of the best bats on our team. He would certainly be an upgrade at our first base spot, even though his best position is probably designated hitter moving forward. But, I got to tell you, I do not see the Royals adding Abreu to our roster. He does not match the kind of player Dayton Moore usually likes to spend money on.


Brandon Guyer, OF

Brandon Guyer is not the level of free agent we should be considering to upgrade our roster. If he wants to come over on a minor league deal, sure. Otherwise, nope. He was once an outfielder that could get on base, often by any means necessary. Those days now seem over. And the last thing we need is another washed up outfielder with a weak bat. We would be better off letting our own young guys play.


Ross Detwiler, P

Let us not waste too much time on Detwiler. His days of pitching in the majors are probably over. He can be fun to watch, in the same way watching pregame batting practice can be fun. That is about it. So, odds are about even that we see him in Royals camp in 2020.


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John Jay, OF

I am a big fan of Jon Jay. He put together an excellent career as an above average outfielder that gets on base. I even liked how Dayton Moore signed him and traded him in his last good season. That is how we got Gabe Speier. But that was it.  Jon Jay will not be bringing back pieces like that at this point in his career. He is not a player we should be spending any money on next year.