Kansas City Royals: Prospect Q&A pitcher Tyler Zuber

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“After I was picked I realized I was the highest pick in school history”

Q: Except for a handful of starts in college you have been primarily a reliever since 2014. Was that the process of converting from a starter in high school and what was the adjustment like?

A: I didn’t really feel much of an adjustment so to say on the field, it was more of a flip in mindset. I got to compete and throw just as if I was a starter, but now I’m throwing in higher leverage situations and more often because I’m not throwing 5+ innings at a time.

Q: What was the feeling like being picked in the 6th round and who made the phone call to you letting you know you were being drafted?

A: It was a surreal feeling getting drafted and especially after I was picked, I realized I was the highest pick in school history. I was spending the day with family and my girlfriend at the time, now fiancé. My scout actually called me, Matt Price.

Q: You are heading to the Dominican Republic this fall for baseball. Do you have specific goals to work towards while you are there and have you heard what to expect in that atmosphere?

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A: The goals I’ve set are to be ready to face better competition so I want to perform well against them. I want to continue to work on fastball command as well as focusing on off-speed location with my curveball and slider. I have heard the atmosphere is unreal. There is a constant noise going on and the fans are into every pitch so I’m excited about that and to see that with my own eyes and to throw under the lights.