Kansas City Royals: How to avoid the same mistakes in 2020

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Kansas City Royals, Tim Hill
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After the last two seasons, the Kansas City Royals should conscious of past mistakes. And careful not to repeat them.

Everyone lives their lives in patterns. All of us. Including, and especially, me. We, humans, are creatures of habit. There are feelings of safety in doing the same things you have done before. We tend to repeat the same decisions even when, deep down, we may know they are unproductive.

Organizations like the Kansas City Royals are no different. Like me, they repeat their mistakes even when they have the best intentions to avoid doing so.

While the security of habits and of repetition does not completely explain Chris Getz and Jayson Nix and Ryan Goins, I am hopeful that in breaking out of our established patterns we can avoid those same, or similar, mistakes. And I can think of no better time to start anew than in 2020.

We have a new owner. And will a new manager. New opportunities abound and the promise of a chance to start over await us. Our first step? Avoiding some of those obvious missteps lurking in the shadows just daring us to repeat them. Let’s look at some mistakes the Royals need to avoid making next season.