Kansas City Royals: 3 qualities needed from next manager

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Kansas City Royals
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1. He must be a player’s manager

With team chemistry being such an important element to a team’s success, the Kansas City Royals absolutely need their next manager to be able to identify and relate to his players. Ned Yost was very good at that, developing personal relationships with his guys and while bringing optimism to the clubhouse.

Often a player’s manager is someone who has played the game themselves, which adds a key element in sympathizing with his players through the highs and the lows of a long season. Ian Kennedy had a strong statement regarding Ned Yost and his ability to relate to his players:

"“I’ve had a few managers, but what struck me about Ned was that he didn’t go just by the numbers,” Kennedy said. “He would look you in the eye either on the mound or between innings and just ask if you were ready to go on, and more times than not, he would be right. I know he did that a lot with Danny Duffy and it paid off. I think that was one of Ned’s best skills as a manager. He really knew the player.” – MLB"

Combined with the youth movement that is about to make their way to the big league club and several key players already in place, the next manager for the Royals needs to understand how to treat each player so they are set up for success.

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Whether it be the complicated handshakes you see in the dugout prior to games or taking players aside to listen to what’s going on in their life, empathizing with the guys on your 26-man roster next season and beyond is going to be crucial.