Kansas City Royals: Finding the keepers from the starting rotation

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Kansas City Royals, Eric Skoglund
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Eric Skoglund has not shown the ability to take a rotation spot since returning from suspension. Likewise, Fillmyer has failed to earn a spot as a starting pitcher on the big league club.

Eric Skoglund started 2 games this year and 13 games last year. He is only 26 years old and he did show some signs of promise last season before getting injured. He received an 80 game suspension prior to this season after testing positive for a couple of PEDs. Since he has been back, he has been bad. In 14 innings, he has given up 13 earned runs.

That’s probably about as far as we need to go. But even when he was doing alright in 2018, he was not really striking guys out. This is not a serious contender for a spot in the rotation.

Heath Fillmyer is only 25 years old. He is also a guy the Kansas City Royals seem to believe can contribute. He has occasionally shown some ability as a fill-in. He has held his own in the minors. However, I think if he ever really becomes a piece of a successful team in the major leagues, his best bet is as a bullpen arm, maybe as a long reliever.

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Fillmyer does not bring a whole lot to the table. He does not have a pitch that does much damage in the big leagues and he does not miss enough bats.