Kansas City Royals: Team adds Blast technology for swing data

SURPRISE, AZ - FEBRUARY 22: Detail of batting gloves worn by Salvador Perez
SURPRISE, AZ - FEBRUARY 22: Detail of batting gloves worn by Salvador Perez /

Now more than ever technology and advanced analytics play a big role in the game of baseball and the Kansas City Royals are riding that wave.

It has been announced that the Kansas City Royals have added Blast technologies to aid in the collections of various swing data. In doing that the organization can hope to improve player development by keying in on specific issues.

The MLB approved bat sensors back in 2018 and paired with Blast to provide them. They found success in the NL, and the Royals have become the tenth team in the American League to add the technology, and third in the AL Central.

The Kansas City Royals will now be able to use video and sensor technologies to help their hitters become better. They will hopefully use this and have the ability to maximize the potential in each players swing through the data and video analysis.

This technology will be helpful for a young Royals team hoping to reach their ceilings. Players like Adalberto Mondesi and Hunter Dozier who have high ceilings might have an easier time reaching them with the help of Blast.

Brett Phillips might be the most interesting name in terms of maximizing hitting potential. He showed offensive potential with the Brewers before being traded, but had a lackluster debut with the Royals.

However, he can provide stellar defense for the Royals. If they can find a way to make his bat come around then they have a solid player. What makes it better is that Phillips is very much on the record looking to improve his hitting.

If nothing else the Kansas City Royals will have more than enough data to make decision on which hitters will help bring the team wins. Unfortunately, the team does not appear to be in the place to attack in the weak AL Central division.

The more information teams have on their players, the better. It is impossible to be 100 percent accurate on evaluation of players. The human aspect of the game makes sure of that. However, as the technology advances, these evaluations can get more accurate.

For a team trying to turn things around in a rebuild (or not a rebuild, according to Dayton Moore), being able to properly evaluate talent is one of the most important things.

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This is a good addition for the Kansas City Royals. It could be one of the smartest moves they’ve made in recent memory if they use it properly. The effects of it could be seen as early as this season.