Kansas City Royals: 5 Hopes for the Royals 2019 Season

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As Spring Training quickly approaches for all MLB team, 2019 has a lot of intrigue for the Kansas City Royals. Whether it be at the big league level or minor league level, the Royals need to continue moving in the direction they currently are. The only question is, will they?

As it currently stands, the Kansas City Royals are headed in the right direction in order to become a competitive team again. They are avoiding spending big money during free agency, many of the veteran contracts they have on the payroll are shorter deals, and the minor league system is dramatically improving.

Throughout this article, we are going to dive into five things that we as fans should hope to see during the season. While some are going to be easily noticeable, others are going to require you to pay attention to different components of the team. However, all of these pieces need to continue working together in order to ensure that the Royals continue moving in the right directions.

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