Kansas City Royals: How Mike Moustakas fits in St. Louis

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 6: Salvador Perez
DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 6: Salvador Perez /
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When looking at these players, they seem to be a lot of what the Royals already have. A third baseman who doesn’t have the power of a third baseman, another outfielder, and a bullpen arm that could make it. I get that. However, the beauty of a rebuild is that players still have time to develop.

Having players who can hit, defense, and have speed is a good problem to have. With the Royals not being competitive again until potentially 2020/2021, the ability the Royals have to allow these players to develop.

While none of the players are going to be superstars, they will be higher up on the Royals prospect list. The Moustakas return is most likely not going to be what we want it to be. With his decline in production and being on a one-year deal, it is hard to see the Royals get a Top-5 prospect from any team.

Don’t be deceived by the Kelvin Herrera trade comparison to Moustakas. While Herrera brought back two prospects in the Top-15, Bleacher Report has Washington’s farm system ranked 19th. St. Louis is 13th, meaning the 8th and 28th prospects could be of better value.

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So what do you think Royals fans? Would you consider the trade a quality trade? Could the Royals realistically get someone better with the Cardinals system? Let us know below!