Kansas City Royals: Danny Duffy seems back on track

KANSAS CITY, MO - MAY 12: Danny Duffy
KANSAS CITY, MO - MAY 12: Danny Duffy /

When the season started, the Kansas City Royals needed Danny Duffy to be sharp. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it started. But lately, things seem to be changing.

The Kansas City Royals needed stability somewhere and Danny Duffy seemed to be a perfect candidate. He is a vocal leader who wears his heart on his sleeve. Everyone already knows why Kansas City fell in love with the lefty, “bury me a Royal”.

Seeming to move past the mental aspect of the game, Duffy had a solid year in 2017, with minimal ups-and-downs. Duffy seemed ready to take on 2018 and be the rotational leader while owning and move past his DUI incident in 2017.

Unfortunately, the year didn’t start very well for Duffy. After his first three starts, Duffy had a lackluster 5.40 ERA. For someone who was supposed to lead, this wasn’t working. As the year went on, Duffy saw his ERA drop to 3.86 but skyrocket back to a 6.89 ERA.

However, Duffy seems to have turned it around as a recent. Over his last seven starts, Duffy has posted an ERA of 3.28 over 41.2 innings. over his last six starts, he has an even more impressive 2.90 ERA over 37.2 innings. Due to his recent success, Duffy has taken his 6.89 ERA and lowered it to a 5.18 ERA.

This recent success could mean a couple things for the Royals moving forward.

One thing is for certain. If he can continue the success he has shown over his last seven starts, the Royals may have that leader in the rotation they were hoping for from the beginning. While Ian Kennedy and Jason Hammel are veteran pitchers, they aren’t leaders within the Royals clubhouse. With youngsters like Brad Keller and Jakob Junis in the rotation, having that veteran clubhouse leader can change everything.

On the other hand, Duffy’s recent success could bring a positive to the Royals in another way. This is where you have to think with your head, not your heart. We all love Duffy in Kansas City. While he’s been incredibly frustrating to watch at times, he’s also been one of the more exciting pitchers to watch.

We all know the Royals are rebuilding. That means anyone who has value and can bring a decent haul, or is on a one-year deal, has a chance of being traded. During the offseason, Duffy had his name thrown around quite a bit as a possible trade piece for the Royals.

His contract (eligible for free-agency in 2022) and his ability to be a sub 3.00 ERA pitcher, has a lot of value to it. If the Royals are given an offer that can change the Royals rebuild in a positive way, the temptation to take the deal might be there.

You may not like it, but you have to leave emotion out of it.

Duffy is a viable starter for a contending team. With the number of years left on his contract and the ability level he has, the return could greatly benefit the Royals. During the offseason, a lot of smoke was around Duffy. Most of the time, when there is smoke, there is a fire.

If they do end up trading him, and if he continues having success like he has, July might be the perfect time to make the move.

However, if the Royals decide to hold onto Duffy, either because of a weak haul or sentiment, he can and will be a solid contributor during the rebuild. If he continues at the rate he currently is.

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A lot has to unfold still, but I will say. Prepare for the worse, but expect the best for some of you Royals fans. Prepare for Duffy to be traded, but expect for him to be here throughout his current contract.

What do you think Royals fans? Are you encouraged by his recent bounce back? Is it sustainable? Should the Royals use this hot streak to trade him at max value? Let us know below!