Kansas City Royals: Making Sense of the Madness in Kansas City

SURPRISE, AZ - FEBRUARY 22: Ramon Torres
SURPRISE, AZ - FEBRUARY 22: Ramon Torres /

The Players Association is furious at teams “tanking” and not spending money. Dayton is showing everyone that the Kansas City Royals do not operate that way. That might be important someday.

They will spend money, field a decent team, and try to hit on the right prospects. The MLBPA will show that to their guys as an example of what they want teams to do, rather than fielding garbage teams for three to four years, hoping to rebuild.

I remain optimistic about Adalberto Mondesi, Nicky Lopez, Hunter Dozier, and especially Nick Pratto.  That said, the Royals clearly do not think those guys are ready. I have made the case that keeping them together in terms of service time is important, too.

The Kansas City Plan?

Signing Alcides Escobar, Lucas Duda, Jon Jay, and finally(?) Mike Moustakas, the Royals have demonstrated yet again that David Glass does spend plenty of money. So perhaps it is officially time to drop that talking point. It may not be how much you want, but he is spending necessary money. They also have shown that they do care about fielding a competitive team.

For those of us who have been around for a while, we really do not want to watch 90 to 100 loss seasons anymore.  The Royals roster is unquestionably better with the signings they made than they were before.

It also makes them look good in the eyes of the Players Association.  Tony Clark was furious at teams for not spending money. While we can argue that some players overvalued themselves, we can all agree that billionaires can afford to pay good players.  I think a fight is brewing between the players and owners. The owners might try to keep top prospects down as long as possible to save their service time.

I believe that is what the Royals are doing. However, they have also shown the Players Association that they will spend money to stay competitive.  It may not help them sign more guys in the future, but it certainly can not hurt.

Final Thoughts

The players know that David Glass will pay them, Dayton Moore will have a plan for them as an organization, and the fans will cheer for them. Kansas City will continue to be seen as the most successful small market team in baseball over the last few years.

Do the signings mean that the Royals have given up on their prospects?  No, except for Cheslor Cuthbert.  I am not sure I seem him as more than another Billy Butler without the ability to hit. Sorry.

It means they are not ready and that Dayton Moore is too competitive to run a bad team out there and expect fans to pay for it.

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So what do you think Royals fans? Do you think Dayton Moore is crafting up a new plan that MLB teams will adopt? Do you think these recent signings have a deeper meaning? Let us know below!