Kansas City Royals: What the signing of Ryan Goins could mean

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 11: Ryan Goins /
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Final Thoughts:

When looking at the signing, it is not all that bad. What it could possibly mean is still up to interpretation and opinion, but I think we all have an option we favor more. For the doubters, Option 1 is more likely to be your choice. For the fully committed fan, Option 2 would most likely be your choice. If you are not really bothered by the deal and it means little to you, then you seem to be an Option 3 fan.

I personally hope it is Option 3. I would rather see Mondesi struggle at shortstop and try to fix his flaws and which Cuthbert is the real Cuthbert, then see Goins as an everyday player. When looking at his numbers he does not provide much of an upgrade, if any, over what they currently have.

So what do you say Royals fans? Do you have a favorite option? Do you think there is an Option 4 missing? Let us know your thoughts!