Kansas City Royals: Outside free agents to avoid signing this offseason

ST. LOUIS, MO - JULY 1: Reliever Trevor Rosenthal
ST. LOUIS, MO - JULY 1: Reliever Trevor Rosenthal /
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Carlos Gomez

To be clear, the Kansas City Royals haven’t outright been rumored to be interested in any of the players on this list. They all just happen to fit the profile of guys the team could target should things fall a certain way this winter. Carlos Gomez represents the only one of these players who has been predicted to join the team in articles we’ve come across.

MLB Trade Rumors predicted the Royals would sign Gomez to replace Lorenzo Cain. He would seem to make sense if the team re-signs Hosmer and hopes to stay somewhat competitive over the next couple of seasons. However, Gomez’s name has more cachet from his on-field antics than his actual numbers. Gomez had some great seasons in Milwaukee, but he’s struggled mightily since jumping to the American League, failing to play more than 118 games each of the past three seasons. He will also demand a larger contract than other worthy center field candidates.

Granted, Gomez does produce more offensively than many of them. Although, the Royals should view their next center fielder — if he comes via free agency — as a stopgap. Hopefully, in the not-so-distant future the franchise will develop a true heir in center. If the front office doesn’t believe the team has any great center field prospects, then the organization would be wise to target one via trade. Ideally one in a position to step directly into center for a rebuilding team or, at worst, a player who needs just one more year at the minor-league level.

Either way, there shouldn’t be a scenario where handing Gomez a two-year contract is a sensible decision.