Kansas City Royals: Looking at the September Call-Ups

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - SEPTEMBER 02: Andres Machado /

After a night were the Kansas City Royals took a 17-0 beating at the hands of the Minnesota Twins, there seems to be very little anyone wants to talk about. For those holding on to the last bit of hope last night may have been it.

Two days ago the Kansas City Royals brought in a handful of players as the September rosters expanded to 40. For the most part they were all names that fans knew. Raul Mondesi, Paulo Orlando, Terrance Gore, Cam Gallagher all are players that you have seen performing their craft at the K.

The team also brought pitcher Trevor Cahill off of the disabled list. Although leaving him there appears to have been a better option. Nick told you about these initial moves here.

There were some notable names who did not get the call who we will probably see before the end of the month. As minor league clubs finish out their seasons guys like Hunter Dozier, Jorge Soler and Richard Lovelady could call be wearing Kansas City Royals uniforms.

The one name that left many fans asking “Who?” was Andres Machado. The RHP has had quite the year. Beginning the season in A+ ball to being added to the 40-man roster and being a part of the Kansas City Royals.

Machado made his Major League debut in the thumping by the Twins last night. Here is manager Ned Yost speaking about the rookie.

Machado, who Rustin Dodd said has “power stuff”, did not have the best of debuts. He pitched a total of 0.2 IP giving up four hits, and six runs. The rookie walked three while striking out zero. The best thing to say is that things should only be able to get better.

Remember this is a guy who is 24 years old and began this season in A ball. According to those who know him best the stuff is there. A fastball that tops out at 98 will definitely play in the bigs. He probably simply needs time to adjust.

The Kansas City Royals appear to have the time to allow for that adjustment.

This September is clearly looking like a time for the Kansas City Royals to evaluate what they have moving forward. It will not be surprising to see veteran players get more rest as the season winds down.

Assuming a second wave of call-ups later in the month, there will be plenty of guys around who the Kansas City Royals need to contribute next season. No better time than the present to let them begin to show what they can do.

This may not have been the way Dayton Moore thought the season would play out for the Kansas City Royals. At 66-68 the team needs 15 more wins to avoid a loosing season. With 28 games left to play the team would need to get incredibly hot, very fast to avoid that outcome.

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What do you hope to see in the final few weeks of 2017 Royals Nation? What’s your predictions on the team’s final record? Are there any positives you are noticing at this point? Let us know in the comments below.