Kansas City Royals: Five Keys to Winning Rays Series

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 27: Whit Merrifield
CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 27: Whit Merrifield /
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CLEVELAND, OH – AUGUST 27: Jorge Bonifacio
CLEVELAND, OH – AUGUST 27: Jorge Bonifacio /

No. 1 Forget About the Cleveland Series

We can all just pretend the scoreless weekend in Cleveland never happened, right? Or that’s at least the hope for the Kansas City Royals.

Professional athletes need to have the ability to brush off tough losses and get mentally ready for the next game. It’s especially important for baseball players with the next game likely coming just a day later.

That being said, you have to hope the Kansas City Royals left Cleveland with a clean slate and view the upcoming series with Tampa Bay as a new start. It can’t be easy for the team to shake off a 35-inning scoreless drought, of which the players are more than acutely aware.

The team is essentially where it started the season. The Kansas City Royals are 64-65, so it’s not a reach to view Monday’s game as the start of a new season. Starting at 0-0 (or even 0-1 for those people)  is a great way to approach the remainder of the season, because the Royals are far from eliminated in the Wild Card chase.

As the old Taylor Swift (RIP) once said, the players are gonna play (play, play, play, play) and the haters are gonna hate (hate, hate, hate, hate). So the Kansas City Royals need to just “Shake it off.”