Kansas City Royals: Threat Level – Desperate

ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 10: Peter Moylan
ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 10: Peter Moylan /

Things are not going well in August for the Kansas City Royals. A loss that was essentially to a minor league team, dropped them to 2-9 on the month. These are indeed desperate times.

Can the Kansas City Royals salvage the 2017 season? Dayton Moore made the decision to chase one last playoff run with his core. Not being able to defeat at team who is more concerned about the future is not a good sign.

The White Sox dealt several veteran players before the deadline. Not being able to handle business against such a club does not inspire confidence against a team such as Cleveland.

True, there is time to get things back on track. That time however is getting smaller very quickly. We are already at about the half-way point in August. This team has always been streaky. In the past though it seemed you could point to one problem area.

If the offense struggled the pitchers would pick them up. When the pitching suffered the lineup would find a little extra. Right now that is simply not the case.

The Kansas City Royals are flat-out playing bad baseball.

Two days ago I felt like the team was at a make or break point. I am now convinced of the later. I will be overjoyed if the team proves me wrong. I am not holding my breath though.

On a night where Mike Moustakas hung double dong to get to 34 long balls on the season, the Kansas City Royals simply could not find enough to secure a victory. The 6-3 loss dropped the team under .500 on the season.

The record is now 57-58 as the team is five games back of the Tribe in the American League Central. On top of the that the Minnesota Twins have moved ahead of the Boys in Blue in the standings.

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Injuries, poor defense, below average pitching and inconsistent offense are all difficult things on their own to deal with. When they are all happening at once it makes things nearly impossible. Ned Yost has a job I do not envy. Dayton Moore better be putting an off-season plan together as we speak.