Kansas City Royals: Another Loss To the Tigers on Tuesday

KANSAS CITY, MO - JULY 18: Starting pitcher Travis Wood
KANSAS CITY, MO - JULY 18: Starting pitcher Travis Wood /

The Kansas City Royals suffered yet another post All-Star break loss on Tuesday night. Them momentum that was before the break now ceases to be. With a 1-4 start to the second half Dayton Moore’s intentions of being a buyer seem like a pipe dream.

The Kansas City Royals began the night with hope. Their foe, the Detroit Tigers, traded one of their best offensive players to Arizona before the game. JD Martinez and his .305/.388/.630 slash line and 16 homeruns were not there to wreck havoc.

It didn’t matter.

The Kansas City Royals needed this game. I’m not sure exactly how I mean that statement at the moment. Perhaps grasping onto a hope that the team can indeed turn this slump around and find themselves in the playoffs. Perhaps, and most likely, this game will be the writing on the wall that it is time to look to the future.

For starters, when you hand the ball to Travis Wood to try and get back on track is there really much hope? The offense provided Wood with a three run lead in the bottom of the first. There is the hope! This is the night we start a winning streak.

Wood promptly gave up five runs in the top of the second.

Here is the long and short of it kids. In the end the final score was Tigers 9 against the Royals 3. The team record now stands at 45-47. You may be able to argue that the Kansas City Royals are still within striking distance of Cleveland. I may even do my best to go along with you.

The hard fact is this. There are simply more holes to fill than DM has the assets to purchase. The team had an unbelievable June and a solid start to July. They battled. Unfortunately effort doesn’t always mean things turn out the way you want it.

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It didn’t go the Kansas City Royals’ way on Tuesday night. It doesn’t appear to be going their way on the season. The team will play game three of the four game set on Wednesday night. It just happens to be Game of Thrones night at the K. If the team has any hope of regaining their own throne it must start then.