Kansas City Royals and the Best Hair in Baseball

The Kansas City Royals may have the best hair in baseball. But who has the best head of hair in the clubhouse?

The Kansas City Royals have quite a bit of depth on their roster. In few cases is a player truly indispensable to the lineup. Both the starting rotation and the bullpen have enough depth where, in case of an injury, there is a quality replacement ready to take that spot. The Royals truly embody the ‘Next Man Up’ spirit.

That depth even extends off the field. Not only do the Royals have a number of players that could be considered leaders in the locker room, but they have quite a few leaders when it comes to hair care. Jarrod Dyson has had a number of interesting haircuts over the years, Eric Hosmer‘s hair is certainly stellar, and part of the reason why he has become a fan favorite amongst female fans. But neither can really be considered as having the best hair in baseball.

Instead, the battle for the best hair in baseball may be between two members of the Kansas City Royals that would not receive attention otherwise. After all, how often does one pay attention to the backup catcher of the first base coach? But when they take their hats and helmets off, every eye in the ballpark is focused on those excellent locks.

But who has the best hair on the Royals? Is it Drew Butera with his stellar hair and a hair flip that makes opposition pitchers weep over their own subpar locks? Or is it Rusty Kuntz, whose full head of hair prove that one can be over 60 years old and still have a head of hair that those forty years younger fully envy?

It seems that no matter which side one would choose, the Kansas City Royals are the winners. However, it would be great to have this debate settled on the battle field, perhaps with both Butera and Kuntz having their hair attended to by various hairdressers. Just add in a shampoo sponsorship, and this could be a pregame segment on FoxSports Kansas City.

The Kansas City Royals are the defending World Series champions, and if the games were decided by the best hair in baseball, they would win handily there as well. But the question of who has the best hair on the team is far harder to answer. While I personally am partial to Rusty’s classic look, quite an argument can be made for Butera as well.

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