Kansas City Royals Fans Get to Answer to Predictions


If you ever wanted your chance to sound off on the preseason predictions for the Kansas City Royals, now is your chance.

Over the past couple of years, few things have been able to raise the ire of Kansas City Royals fans quite like the preseason predictions. Let us take a trip back to this time last year, where the Royals were coming off their first World Series appearance in 29 years. It was widely anticipated that the Royals would slide back into the pack, that their magical run was a mirage. Instead, the Royals made another October run, this time winning the World Series in five games.

This has not exactly swayed the prognosticators. While some sites and experts are starting to realize that the Royals success if not easily quantified, those sites that are geared more towards sabermetrics and analytics are still questioning the Royals staying power. After all, contact, speed and defense are not skillsets that are easy to determine with statistics.

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Well, if you ever wanted your chance to sound off on these projections, you have that opportunity. On Fangraphs.com’s latest projection of the American League, they have included a little blurb about each team and a poll at the end. While it may not allow fans to sound off in the written sense, one can let the people at Fangraphs know what they think about the Royals being projected to have the worst record in the American League at 77-85.

Even Fangraphs understands that their projections may be off, especially when it comes to the Royals. After all, not many other teams would elicit some self-depreciating humor. Of course, as Fangraphs also predicted the Royals demise last year, one can understand why they may not be confident in their prediction.

"I know — you see the Royals in last. You can’t help but chuckle. Maybe you agree with it, and maybe you don’t agree with it, and in either case, it’s probably kind of funny."

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The Kansas City Royals are a difficult team to project, and at least the fine folks over at Fangraphs realize that. However, this time, they have given us a chance to let them know how far off we feel their projections may be.