Kansas City Royals: Ten Biggest Plays Of 2015

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 8. July 12, 2015: Paulo Orlando Homers To Down Blue Jays Before The All-Star Break

Kansas City Royals fans didn’t have long to wait before the team showed their mettle. Four days after losing team leader Alex Gordon, the Royals locked up in a back-and-forth contest with future AL East champion Toronto Blue Jays in the final game before the All-Star break.

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The KC Royals seemed to have put the game away by zooming out to a seven run lead by the sixth inning, but committed a series of uncharacteristic errors to help Toronto to score 10 runs in the sixth and seventh innings.

That’s when we found out about Kansas City Royals burning desire to win.

In a game which had a last-day-of-school feel, it would have been easy for the KC Royals to simply let it go and take off for the holiday. Instead, they mounted a furious comeback, aided by sloppy defense from the Blue Jays, to claw their way a 10-10 tie in the bottom of the eighth.

At this point, both teams had blown large leads, and both had played a messy game. In the end, it was the Kansas City Royals that won the ugly game when Paulo Orlando led off the eighth with a solo home run.

Not only did Alex Gordon’s backup show he could step in for the team leader, the  KC Royals gave their fans a taste of the late inning “devil magic” that would carry them to the 2015 title.

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