Kansas City Royals Five Coolest Players

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Number Three – Lorenzo Cain

Coolness Rating: 9/10

Coolest trait: His glove

Lorenzo Cain dives into number three on this list and is a touch unlucky to not be any higher. Pretty much everything Cain does is cool – he can hit, he can run, he has a cool swing and he can steal bases.

Oh, and he can play defence. His speed gives him awesome range, which when combined with his spectacular natural athletic ability, allows him to make spectacular diving catches like these.

And this.

And this.


Diving catches are super cool – they’re one of the two coolest things a position player can do during a game – but even then Cain’s diving plays are a step above. He has an incredible ability to track down and get to balls that most other outfielders couldn’t, and then he lays out and gloves it, how cool is that?

The second of the coolest things position players can do is hit home runs. Lorenzo Cain can is capable of doing this too, and not many of his homers would have been much cooler than this massive shot off Dallas Keuchel in game three of the ALDS.

I can’t think of a single un-cool thing about Lorenzo Cain, there simply isn’t one. The only reason he is down at number three on this list is that he’s just unlucky to have two even cooler players on the same roster as himself.