Kansas City Royals Top Ten Pitchers in Franchise History

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

[Note: John Viril also contributed to this story]

Over the past few seasons, the Kansas City Royals have become known for their bullpen. But in their history, quite a few excellent pitchers have come through Kauffman Stadium.

In the past week, we have taken a couple of trips through the history of the Kansas City Royals. We have looked at the ten best postseason pitching performances in team history, and put together an all time 25 man roster for the Royals. It has been a fun trip down memory lane.

Yet, despite putting those lists together, they may not reflect the best pitchers in KC Royals history. Ideally, the 25 man roster should, but there may be starters who did not make the cut for various relievers. Likewise, there could be a pitcher that flashed across the Royals landscape, but did not have that longevity to fit on the roster.

So, let us ignore all that. Let us forget about trying to fill out a pitching staff, or various roles for these pitchers. Instead, let us look at the ten best pitchers, regardless of their role, to come through the Kansas City Royals.

Naturally, this list is subjective. While the FanGraphs approximation of WAR was used, in part, to determine the list, production, longevity and what the players meant to the Royals factored in as well. With that being the case, there may be pitchers who were left off that could have a case for inclusion. If you feel that a pitcher was snubbed, let us know in the comments.

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