KC Royals Should Know Fate of Ben Zobrist Soon


Ben Zobrist was the perfect fit in the KC Royals lineup after he was acquired at the trade deadline. Currently a free agent, and with quite a few teams interested in signing the versatile Zobrist, his fate should be determined soon.

When the KC Royals acquired Ben Zobrist, he was the perfect fit for what they needed. Alex Gordon was injured, and given his versatility, the Royals were able to put Zobrist in left without issue. He then played a couple of games in right before settling in at second base, allowing the Royals to have the perfect replacement for Omar Infante when he was lost for the season.

Zobrist also fit seemlessly into the Royals lineup. A player who has decent power and makes excellent contact, Zobrist posted a .284/.364/.453 batting line with seven home runs and 16 doubles in Kansas City. Zobrist gave the Royals exactly what they needed to solidify the lineup heading to the postseason.

With that being the case, it is not a surprise that Zobrist would be one of the hottest free agents on the market. His ability to slot virtually anywhere in the lineup, and play multiple positions well defensively, would make him a fit on almost any team.

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Unsurprisingly, it seems as though virtually every team has had interest in the KC Royals free agent second baseman. Last week, Jon Heyman reported that as many as twenty teams had reached out to Zobrist and his agents to get a feel for his contract demands. As such, Zobrist is continuing to get quite a few offers, which have pushed his contract demands higher than may have been expected at the start of free agency.

With his escalating price tag, and players such as Jordan Zimmerman and David Price signing, Zobrist may be one of the next key free agents to end up coming off the board. At that price tag, he is likely to be outside of the Royals comfort zone, yet knowing that Zobrist is signing elsewhere can help clear up Kansas City’s offseason plans.

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The KC Royals have quite a few holes on their roster currently, and signing Ben Zobrist would certainly help address their lineup. However, given his increasing salary, it seems more likely that he will sign elsewhere, and soon. Shoudl that happen, Kansas City will be able to move on, and find other players that fit the Royals Way.