Kansas City Royals All Time 25 Man Roster

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Second Base – Frank White

In the history of baseball, there are few second basemen that could be considered in the same class as Frank White. A truly special player defensively, the Kansas City Royals second baseman won eight Gold Gloves in his career, the second most for a second baseman in the American League. That mark is only matched by Bill Mazeroski, and surpassed only by Ryne Sandberg and Roberto Alomar.

White not only won the awards, but he had the statistics to back up the honors he received. He is second all time in defensive runs saved, credited with saving 126 runs during his career. White also ranks among the best in almost every defensive statistic at second, as he could arguably be considered the greatest defensive second baseman in the history of the AL.

Yet, White was far more than just an excellent glove. He was also a solid hitter, producing a career .255/.293/.383 batting line, hitting 160 home runs and 407 doubles while stealing 178 bases. White may not have drawn many walks, with only 412 in his 18 year major league career, but his ability to put the bat on the ball, speed and stellar defense would fit in quite well with the modern incarnation of the Royals.

As the second best player in Kansas City Royals history, Frank White is truly a legendary figure. His stellar defense, along with his solid power and speed, would be a great fit in this lineup.

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