Kansas City Royals All Time 25 Man Roster

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Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Backup catcher – Salvador Perez

One could easily make the case that Salvador Perez should be the starting catcher for the all time Kansas City Royals team. After all, he has started virtually every other game for the Royals in the past three seasons as the concept of an off day for Perez is beyond comprehension. If we revisit this idea for the Royals 50th anniversary, chances are that he will have seized control of the spot.

For now, however, Perez would have to be content as the backup. And what a backup catcher he would be! His burgeoning power has increased in each of his major league seasons, as Perez set a career high with 21 home runs this past season. While his plate discipline may leave a lot to be desired, as Perez has been able to offset that with a strong ability to make contact.

Defensively, there are few catchers in Perez’ class. His ability to get to pitches in the dirt, smothering those wayward fastballs or short curves, is simply extraordinary given his size. The howitzer attached to his right shoulder has been enough to virtually shut down the opposition’s running game, as few dare to test the power and strength of his arm.

Salvador Perez is arguably the best catcher in the American League, if not all of baseball. However, right now, he would be the backup on the all time Kansas City Royals 25 man roster.

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