Kansas City Royals All Time 25 Man Roster

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Right Field – Willie Wilson

Willie Wilson was predominately a center fielder or left fielder for the Kansas City Royals, playing only 31 games in right over his career. However, given that the Royals history of right fielders is not exactly stellar, and Wilson could be considered the second best outfielder in Royals history, a spot in the lineup needs to be found.

Right field likely would not be a challenge for Wilson. A stellar defensive player in his own right, Wilson ranks tenth all time in range factor per nine innings for outfielders, and is 15th all time aong outfielders with 108 runs saved over his career. Wilson may not have the prototypical arm for a right fielder, but he did lead the American League in outfield assists with 14 in 1981.

Wilson was not a power threat, hitting only 40 home runs in his 15 years in Kansas City. However, Wilson was a great catalyst atop the Royals lineups, swiping 612 bases while producing a .289/.329/.382 batting line. That speed helped Wilson hit 241 doubles and 133 triples in his time with the Royals, as he led the American League in triples five times during the 1980’s.

A special player to set the table, Willie Wilson would likely lead off this all time Kansas City Royals lineup. With his blazing speed and solid defense, the transition to right likely would not be that much of a problem.

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