Kansas City Royals Edinson Volquez Pitching Through Loss


It has been a rough season for the Kansas City Royals. While the regular season record, and the American League Championship would certainly claim otherwise, the Royals have had their share of misfortune in 2015. Both Mike Moustakas and Chris Young had to deal with the loss of a parent this season, and before last night’s game, Edinson Volquez learned that his father had passed in the Dominican Republic.

According to reports, Volquez learned of his father’s passing while on his way to Kauffman Stadium. With that on his mind, and with a heavy heart, Volquez still went out and pitched Game One of the World Series. Considering the circumstances, he did better than could have been expected, holding the Mets to three runs on six hits and a walk, striking out three in his six innings of work.

As difficult as it may have been, perhaps Volquez found some solace on the mound. There, with the Royals in the World Series and the attention of the baseball world squarely upon him, he could escape his troubles for a time. The pitching mound, usually in the center of the maelstrom taking place on the baseball diamond, was Volquez’ refuge.

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The Kansas City Royals have had to overcome a lot this season. The starting rotation has not been what they expected. Greg Holland and Jason Vargas were both lost to Tommy John surgery. Both Young and Moustakas had their personal tragedies. And now, on the day of the biggest start of his career, Edinson Volquez had to take the mound knowing his father had passed earlier.

Perhaps it is because of these tragedies and adversity that the Royals have become the team they are. No matter what, they simply do not quit. The Astros had them dead to rights in Game Four of the ALDS, and it did not matter. They continued that comeback trail against the Toronto Blue Jays, fighting back several times to take the series in six games. The Royals are a team that has been forged through trial by fire.

Last night, maybe there was no better place for Edinson Volquez to be than on the mound for the Kansas City Royals. He and his family are certainly in our thoughts here at Kings of Kauffman, and hopefully, when Volquez is on the mound, he can find some comfort.

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