KC Royals: Wade Davis, Kansas City Is Your Oyster!!!


KC Royals relief demi-god Wade Davis peered at runners at first and third base in the ninth inning of Friday’s Game 6 of the American League Championship series. Kansas City Royals fans across the globe were going nuts.

The KC Royals led 4-3, but had failed to record an out after home plate umpire Jeff Nelson appeared to rob Davis of a called third strike to walk Kevin Pillar. Toronto base-running rabbit Dalton Pompey already stood at the hot corner after stealing second and third while pinch running for Russell Martin, who had led off the inning with a soft single to center.

The situation looked hopeless.

Toronto was going to, at least, tie the game for a second time in two innings. The Kansas City Royals were looking at an extra-inning marathon against the most potent offensive team in baseball—after burning through their best relievers.

Wade Davis would have none of it.

He pwhiffed (yes, that is intentional) reserve catcher Dioner Navarrowho was pinch hitting for Ryan Goinson four pitches for the first out. Kevin Pillar stole second on the play, but no matter.

Wade Davis had this.

After falling behind leadoff hitter Ben Revere by tossing two straight balls, Davis mesmerized him with two called strikes. Wade Davis then finished Revere with a teaser in the dirt. Having failed to summon the cavalry, Revere screamed his frustration as he beat a dugout trashcan into submission.

That brought probable American League MVP Josh Donaldson to the plate.

I tweeted from my phone:

Ok, that’s a typo. I wasn’t trying to suggest that it would be a sin if Donaldson got a hit. Sometimes your mistakes are wiser than anything you intend.

But, I couldn’t help but think that with their full beards, Wade Davis and Josh Donaldson looked like two warriors displaced from the Greek Age of Heroes  rather than 21st century athletes.

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It was, most certainly, single combat that Davis and Donaldson engaged in within the walls of Kauffman Stadium. After a ball, swinging strike, and another ball, Josh Donaldson chopped a grounder toward Mike Moustakas at third base. Game over.

Though the day looked ominous after Pompey stamped around the bases, Kansas City’s late-inning Caesar left him one base short of glory in the end.

Wade Davis has emblazoned his name across the famous trade that brought him to the KC Royals over the (at the time) more-renowned James Shields and Wil Myers. Instead, it’s the afterthought extra arm that has emphatically turned the Kansas City Royals into the no-doubt winners of the controversial deal that dominated headlines in 2013.

About the only way Wade Davis might have been more impressive Friday night is if he had stolen a page from fellow Kansas City icon Satchel Page, and waved in his outfield before striking out the side. The Kauffman Stadium crowd might expired from heart failure had he tried it.

You’re already a Kansas City legend Wade Davis. Your bust is destined to grace Kauffman Stadium for years to come.

Now lead the KC Royals to victory in the 2015 World Series!

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