KC Royals: Five Keys To Taking The Pennant In ALCS Game 5

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We now come to the most important thing that must happen for the Kansas City Royals to win on Wednesday. I need to wear the shirt in the image to the left.

Really, how can you doubt me? I wore a navy blue knit shirt with a collar that I considered “Royals Blue” plus my KC Royals cap on Monday. The Royals went down 9-2 by the end of the third inning.

At that moment, I determined I wasn’t wearing that shirt to watch a game ever again.  Since I had worn my Kansas City Royals home replica jersey for game 3 against the Astros, I had to dig deep into my drawer for an alternative.

I pulled out my ancient 1985 World Series Champion shirt (it still fit) just before Tuesday’s game, and the KC Royals hung four runs on Toronto starter R.A. Dickey in the first inning.

Really, could the Baseball Gods be any clearer?

So, there you have it KC Royals fans. Whether the Kansas City Royals win or lose on Wednesday is really all about me. I control my own destiny and happiness. Me picking the right shirt to wear is just as important as Edinson Volquez having good stuff, Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer seeing the ball and getting good swings, Ned Yost calling on his bullpen at the right time, and Alcides Escobar staying hot at the plate.

It’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

Go Royals!

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