Kansas City Royals Postseason Simulation Results


The Major League playoffs kick off tonight, as the American League Wild Card Game between the Houston Astros and New York Yankees will begin in just a few hours. It is a game that has significance for fans of the Kansas City Royals, as the matchup will determine who the Royals face in the American League Divisional Series.

Even though the games have yet to be played, that does not mean that we cannot speculate as to the outcomes. Indeed, prognosticating as to who the Royals will face, and how far they will go in the postseason, is a great part of being a fan. Yet, even with all of our speculation, and with the statistical analysis we do, all we really have is our best guesses.

Fortunately, we have other ways to attempt to predict the games, such as through simulating the playoffs. That is exactly what our friends at GameSided did earlier today, as they ran the 2015 MLB Postseason through 2015 MLB: The Show, in an attempt to determine who would win the World Series. In this simulation, the Royals would end up facing the Yankees, where they would fall in four games, failing to advance beyond the first round.

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According to this simulation, the Kansas City Royals pitching staff proved to be their downfall. While Kendrys Morales and Salvador Perez were able to anchor the offense, the Royals pitching, particularly Edinson Volquez, failed to hold the Yankees lineup in check. Add in a depleted bullpen, and according to this simulation, it was a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, that is why these games are played on the field, instead of through a computer. The human element comes into play, as players either rise to the occasion or wither under the pressure. October is a place where unexpected players can become legends; after all, would anyone remember Buddy Biancalana, Billy Hatcher or Francisco Cabrera if not for their postseason exploits?

That human element is the great equalizer. Stars such as Alex Rodriguez have consistently wilted under the spotlight, while young players like Yordano Ventura have been able to take that step forward. In any given day, any player can step up and, despite their previous track record, prove to be the difference maker in a postseason series.

The Kansas City Royals have proved the projections wrong all year en route to the best overall record in baseball. Hopefully, they continue to do the same, outperforming the expectations of this simulation.

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