Kansas City Royals Top 15 Prospects After 2015 Season

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13. Scott Blewett

Over his first eight starts of the 2015 season, Scott Blewett had appeared to have taken a step forward in his development. Through his start on July 8th, Blewett had posted a 2.82 ERA and a 1.069 WHiP, striking out 33 batters against only seven walks in 38.1 innings. He appeared set to rocket up the Kansas City Royals prospect rankings ladder.

However, he did not have anything close to that same level of success over his final ten starts of the season. Even with his outing against the West Virginia Power, where he allowed only one run in seven innings, Blewett posted a 7.33 ERA and a 1.651 WHiP, as the opposition hammered the righty at a .303/.372/.466 clip. This led to an ugly overall stat line, where Blewett posted a 5.20 ERA for the year.

The question now becomes, which pitcher is Blewett? Is he the pitcher who looked like a top prospect over the first half of the season, or the pitcher who was practically unable to record an out in the second half? The key to answering this question will be Blewett’s command. During his run of excellence, Blewett had a 1.91 BB/9 rate, while he posted a 3.56 BB/9 rate in the second half. Likewise, his strikeout rate fell from 7.75 K/9 to 5.93 K/9 in the second half.

Scott Blewett could be an interesting prospect for the Kansas City Royals, but he needs to improve his consistency. If he can do so, Blewett could be a very interesting arm in the Royals system. Otherwise, he may just tantalize and never reach his full potential.

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