KC Royals Will Not Collapse Like the 1964 Phillies

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2. Even after the troubling loss last night, the gurus (and computers) at Baseball Prospectus say that the Royals have a 100% chance of winning the Division.

Well, what about something less geekish that is more “meat and potatoes” reasons? Well some of these are somewhat subjective but some are less so.

3.  The Phils were overconfident and played that way (until they were unnerved by someone stealing home).  I would say the Royals are confident about their chances about winning the AL Central but when they look over their shoulder, they see the Jays trying to overtake them for the home field, if it comes to that.  They do not appear to be over-confident.  With a 3 1/2 game lead over the Yankees, Toronto has am 86.7 % probability of winning the East.

4.  In the last two weeks (and partly this is fault of their manager Gene Mauch),  many of the Phils after the Ruiz incident and other later inning flame-outs had no confidence at all.  The Royals current are exhibiting none of this behaviour

5.  Minnesota is in a funk right now.  They have lost five in a row.  They had a 5 to 0 lead Friday against the Halos and blew it 11 to 8 and a double header loss Saturday.

6.  The chance of weird plays  like that of Chico Ruiz and strange losses are possible but not likely for the Royals.

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