KC Royals: Can Sung Woo Lee Inspire Another Winning Streak?


KC Royals super-fan Sung Woo Lee will return to Kansas City Sept. 21 for the premier of his 30 by 30 documentary that followed his trek to the 2014 World Series.

Sung Woo, who followed the Kansas City Royals from South Korea for more than 20 years, arrived in Kansas City for the first time last August. His trip coincided with a eight-game winning streak that saw the KC Royals take first place in August for the first time in more than a decade.

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The entire city embraced Sung Woo as he became an unlikely media phenomenon that made national headlines. KC Royals fans across the globe called for Sung Woo’s return during the World Series, believing him to be a good luck charm for the team.

Filmmaker Josh Swade then campaigned with Sung Woo’s bosses in South Korea to permit him to return to Kansas City for the World Series after their improbable 8-0 run through the American League playoffs.

Swade filmed a documentary about Sung Woo’s experience at Kauffman Stadium for ESPN’s 30 by 30 series, which will now be shown at a private premier at Kansas City’s Union Station on Monday, Sept. 21.

The Kansas City Royals could use all the luck they can get. Caught in a September slump that has reduced a seven-game bulge over the Blue Jays for the American League’s best record down to a narrow one-game margin after  blowing a 4-3 12th inning lead Friday night, the KC Royals need to turn things around before October.

While the Kansas City Royals will most likely win the A.L. Central with a magic number of six (with 16 games to play), they are fighting for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Could Sung Woo Lee inspire another winning streak that helps his beloved KC Royals launch another World Series run? Kansas City Royals fans can only hope that lighting strikes twice.

However, Sung Woo could be in town long enough to see the KC Royals to once again achieve a franchise milestone. With a little luck, Sung Woo Lee could see the Royals clinch their first Central Division title in club history, and the first division title since winning the A.L. West in 1985.

Welcome back Sung Woo! There’s nothing more that KC Royals fans want to see than you hanging up the big “W” that nails down a Central Division title.

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